You are the CREATOR

As the creator of your own life experience, which seeds will you water, nurture + grow?

Eastern Sierras

Me? I am going to continue to focus on what matters

assuming that you don’t already know, the one and only tattoo I have (which I got when I was nineteen) says “focus on what matters” just below an outline of the Sierras. I have gotten a lot of silly reactions out of it over the years but honestly, It is something that will ALWAYS apply and I do love it.

So what DOES matter?

first, my well being + my pack,

living in harmony with nature, exercising my right to freedom, showing up with love, nurturing the genuine, loving relationships in my life, being outside as often as possible, connecting to the land and the wildlife, creating, and making peace with all the things that used to bother me. I made a decision a few years ago to consciously choose love where I had previously chose judgment and THIS is the seed I am continuing to water. It is not my job to solve the worlds problems or add my two sense when it comes to gossip, it IS my job to listen to my heart and say no when my soul is being compromised, and to always, ALWAYS show up with love even if it wont be reciprocated.

how about you? as the creator, which seeds do YOU choose to water and nurture?