Join the Dance

All Goods From The Woods - Alan Watts Quote

Lots of change has been taking place over the last several weeks.

I am in the process of letting go of '“how things used to be”, and embracing the now and although I went through many of days of resistance during the transition. I feel at ease knowing that everything happens for a reason. Even though I cant see the “WHY” right now, does not mean that it wont all come full circle someday. I will trust the process, and join Mr. Watts in the dance .

Ready to journal? if so, here are a few prompts:

What changes are you going through right now that feel a bit uncomfortable?

Sit with this discomfort and bring your attention to where your uncertainty originates.

Write about what you discover.

This may be your trigger, and its a good place for you to open your eyes to how your subconscious operates.

What would it look like to lean into the changes and tango with the discomfort?

I promise you, these triggers are your keys to happiness. stick with it!