Summers Grind

Jay and I used to dread summer. It was the only time of year that we had to buckle down and get shit done, plus everywhere we went was crowded, hot, dry……blah blah blah!!!!

That was the old paradigm…. we justified why it was acceptable to not enjoy a season.

Not anymore. Now, we find that it is a prime season to craft, enjoy sunshine, network with our local farmers, make wonderful trades, can + prep food for winter, harvest our wood for the season, tend to our beautiful home + our (now only flower) gardens.

We take joy in doing the same tasks we used to dread…..Whats changed? Our gratitude. Our perspective.

Now I can see what a blessing it is that we CAN do these things for ourselves. Now we are grateful that we are capable of doing these tasks.

pickling / sourkrauting / canning / TRADES TRADES TRADES

pickling / sourkrauting / canning / TRADES TRADES TRADES

There is nothing more gratifying than knowing where your food comes from and knowing what all the ingredients are. We place HIGH VALUE in knowing these things and do not take for granted what a blessing it is to have this opportunity!