Passionately Curious


A few days ago I was heading “down the hill” to set up for a show, I left a good 4 hours early because I really enjoy being able to go with the flow, pull over when I wish, go for a stroll and never ever be in a hurry…making room for my curiosities.

When I was driving I noticed I had entered a pocket of wildflowers. I saw many many Lupines among scattered Indian Paintbrush all along the roadside. With many options for turn outs, I pulled over, grabbed my coffee and mosied up the slope, following a game trail that was drowning with Lupines. Up I went, far enough to hear the road as a distant past, I sat down, humbled by my surroundings and meditated.

The smell was potent, and captured the essence of pure love.

My whole being was consumed by gratitude. To witness such beauty, to breathe clean air, to be fortunate enough to experience the untamed land, the simple fact that places like this exist ALL OVER and in such abundance.

This is my medicine,

being present,

enjoying nature,

and actively enabling myself to follow my curiosities.

The next day, I posted a picture of me in this beautiful Sea of Lupines on Instagram and I was blown away by the reaction of some people.

They wanted to know where these flowers were….. not just a general location but for me to drop them a pin, to this exact spot…..

This genuinely hurts my heart because to me, this is missing the point entirely.

I truly believe that when we get out in nature, connect with the land and find a place that is magical all on our own, we treat it with the upmost respect and as sacred. The discovery aspect of adventuring allows you to have a powerful bond with the energy of the land.

Somehow we have allowed ourselves to disconnect with the journey , and in doing so, muting the childlike excitement and wonder in our hearts.

How enjoyable could it really be to have set expectations for EVERY moment of your life?

EVERY place that you visit?

This is where man has allowed “easy” to dis-empower.

I am ALL FOR people getting out and enjoying the land but please don’t let other peoples Geo-Tags make your plans. You are robbing yourself from deep connection.

In my experience, the magic lies where you least expect it.

Don’t worry so much about the destination, find joy in the journey.