Adopt the Abundance Mindset


Abundance is a choice just as Scarcity is a choice, its just easier to fall into a scarcity mindset because society has programmed us to believe that we are not enough.

But let me tell you a little secret, YOU ARE DIVINE AND WORTHY OF YOUR GREATEST DREAMS.

The only thing that is keeping you from Abundance is your own belief around it.

Now, I am not saying this process will shift overnight, but if you give it your attention daily, a shift WILL take place.

Start by creating a gratitude journal,

you attract and create more of what you think about, and if you are always thinking about how you “dont have enough money”, then lack is what you will have more of. If you always think about how lucky you are to have the best humans in your life, you will continuously attract more beautiful people into your life.

write about ALL the things you are grateful for, be it big or small.

it could be as simple as being grateful to have warm toes, or as large as the Earth rotating so perfectly on its axis, allowing life to exist…. the idea is to give all your attention to all the things that ARE going well for you.

Write in it daily, and make this a habit either when you wake up or before you go to bed (or both!)

Be open for growth,

welcome ideas like:

“I can always improve”

“I am inspired by people who succeed”

“mistakes help me learn”

“my effort and attitude make all the difference”

“I am not afraid of being wrong”

“ I embrace obstacles for they are here to help me grow faster”

“I strive for progress, not perfection”

“today I will walk through my fears”

“Understand that Abundance is not something we acquire, it is something we tune into” - Wayne Dyer

Step into your worth, and align your priorities with your values.

Make decisions that serve your best interest.

Feel the fear and do it anyways.

Make space for change

Positive change will never take place if you say yes to every opportunity, be selective and trust your intuition.

If you are always busy pleasing others, how can you possibly have energy to consciously create your own life experience? Have the guts to say no.

B E P A T I EN T ~ Y O U R D R E A M S A R E B E I N G R E A L I Z E D