Happiness is a Choice

Happiness is the result of skillfully choosing thoughts that improve your well being over and over again. Be kind to yourself. Focus on your strengths. Often contemplate what you are grateful for. Consciously seek beauty in the natural world and give it your full attention. Meditate. Go outside and get some exercise.


Remember that this world has unfathomable possibilities and that you are capable of shaping your own reality. Share love with others. Listen and be thoughtfully responsive. Start a new project. Be the witness of your mind. Practice non attachment. Feed your soul, speak your truth, enjoy the little moments in life, and allow yourself to be free of time and worry. Embrace your inner child by being silly, not taking yourself so serious, allowing your expressions to flow naturally, and engage humorous thoughts and behaviors regularly.


This Universe is boundless - choose not to live in a small world. Contemplate the micro and the macro. Challenge your perspective. Be spontaneous, remain open to receive and if you experience hard times, accept the lessons learned as gifts. Let go and enjoy the moment. You are loved and you are worthy of rest. Make your creativity a priority. Make time for the things you enjoy most in life. Ultimately, we live in an abundant, majestically beautiful and loving universe. When we release our need to control the outcome and surrender to the  f l o w , happiness becomes your natural state of being.


To be aligned is to be empowered.