You are a miracle.

You are infinitely loved.

You are me as I am you.

Together WE are worthy of connection.

It begins here, where I reveal myself as a human, artist, student, musician, earthling & as a creature of Love.


With gratitude for your presence, I wish to share with you my intentions, inner discoveries, music, creations, stories of adventure & abundant joy. I intend to continuously expose & express my authentic self here in hopes to cultivate a genuine bond and eventually a tribe, where we can shove aside small easy talk and open the conversation to dive deep into what REALLY matters. Bringing our attention to the miracles of life, synchronicity, natures nuances, freedom, independence, artistic expression, affirmations, working through our blocks, staying inspired, rewiring our subconscious, adding value to our lives by giving, setting boundaries, holding ourselves accountable, celebrating life, tuning into our intuition, re-evaluating our priorities to align with our true values, continuously nurturing our well being, consciously choosing love & joy, feeling worthy of all that we desire, manifestation & co-creation. YA FEEL ME?!

IF SO, Please feel free to reach out and share your personal story with me if you feel called to do so. The whole reason I am choosing to expose myself in the first place, is because I adore and cherish this connection and wish to cultivate more of it in our real everyday lives. Sometimes being authentic & vulnerable can be hard to hold in certain social settings, so these baby steps of sharing ourselves in safe places are all part of the beautiful process of growing. Simply being, without worrying about what others will think or even judging ourselves is not something that takes place overnight, you gotta build that “not giving a f*ck” callous and to be you even if that means being disliked. So thank YOU, for helping me to grow and I hope to do the same for you.

We are all growing, living beings, every day we have new experiences and have new opportunities to shift our perspectives. We are all one, contributing to the whole with every thought we think and every action we take. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not perfect and I too fall off the track from time to time but progress is always being made, from one moment to the next.

That being said, I'll start by sharing a story about my recent low vibration relapse, and the beauty that was born out of that. Jay and I spent two months on the road, trekking through the heart of winter, chasing our dreams and making them our reality. We got more than we bargained for and I am beyond grateful for the whole experience, both through triumphs & challenges BUT that’s not what the story is about…usually when we get home from these long trips we designate a day or two to do nothing but unwind.....we call it "trip hangover". When we got home this time however, we were amped and super excited to connect with all our friends and ski our local mountains after months of skiing unfamiliar terrain. We got after it immediately and pushed our "hangover days" aside...seemed like a decent plan at the time but in the end made the transition from road life to home life much rougher than necessary. I had a mountain of mail, some busy work to get caught up on as well as doing my taxes so I justified jumping straight into my work instead of taking those few days to unwind and paid for it in the form of stress and anxiety, something that doesn't float into my life very often but when it does, feels like a freaking assault! I found that I somehow slipped into my egoic mind, where all of a sudden I lived in a world of doom, all I could see were roadblocks, a bunch of "have-to" work imprisoning me, making my world very small. This narrow perception is a negativity vortex of self-pity and blame. I found myself trying to pick arguments, and defend this unnecessary behavior. Jay could see me unraveling, and suggested heading to the desert to catch up on some hangover time. He had seen a few photos of the bloom and we both knew that those flowers wouldn't wait. We grabbed very few things, hopped in our truck and headed out. His kind, patient soul and our spontaneity began lifting the weight off my chest almost immediately, but a wave of divine energy washed over me the second my feet landed in the desert, sun shining in my face. Butterflies were fluttering all around us, splashes of color across the desert as far as the eye could see and the scent of wildflowers ever present. I took one deep breath and felt whole. My self inflicted suffering vaporized within that breath. I would certainly never suggest seeking higher vibrations from anywhere other than inside of yourself, but nature sure does lift you into an attitude of gratitude, higher awareness & consciousness. Having such contrast in such a short amount of time really opened my eyes to what the mind is capable of, how perception is really all that we have. It is not often that I find myself overwhelmed and stressed but if I do, no matter the circumstances, I will remind myself to stop. Be still, be quiet, get in the gap and regain my vision of our beautiful planet zooming waaaay out. Revisit all the little miracles that have to be aligned in order for life to exist. Re-enter a state of complete awe. Even if that means taking a break when you are in the heat of it, do it. If your perspective feels heavy & unpleasant, it is time to transcend it! Upon returning home from a few magical days in the desert, my cup was so full I literally banged out all that was previously weighing me down in less than 48 hours. I found every reason why these "problems" were actually blessings... I mean yeah, taxes used to be way way easier when I had a W2 but I now have the privilege to be my own boss, and am making a living as an Artist!!! I mean COMMON! Sometimes taking a step back and shifting your perspective is all it takes. Same tasks, same load, only 100 times more enjoyable.....Moral of the story, take care of your energy, check in often, seek the beauty, seek the lessons.

I look forward to hearing some of your stories….tell me, how do YOU re-calibrate under stress? What thoughts bring you peace when you find yourself in this vortex? Does nature have the same effect on you? Write me!