Celebrate Life

I can't help but radiate joy over all the lushness & beauty that is taking over our landscape. Spring is here, the water is flowing, the lakes are rising, the green is relentlessly expanding, the birds are singing and I don't even need a good tune bumpin' in order to boogie!

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Celebrating the natural shifts of our planet is a conscious choice of choosing happiness. We are ALL capable of making this choice, no matter what kind of schedule we have,

or what kind of stress we are under. I hereby prescribe you to do at least one of the following... I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

desert bloom boogie

First, of course...is the Boogie

Get outside, go to a place you can have to yourself. This might require a small walk into nature, or going down the street to your Aunts house to enjoy her beautiful garden, or heck, you might be a bit braver than I am giving you credit for....maybe you are ready to boogie in the park. Either way, bring your Boom Box or a pair of headphones & BUMP IT! Let the little kid inside of you express them self FULLY. Dont judge your movements, or feel like it has to fit the jams, if you have to, close your eyes and let it all go...Let that kick drum own your world.

hot springs

Ever Solo Trip?

Believe me, I love my pack and spending time with my friends, but there is something SO special about enjoying the outdoors in your own company. Listen, Im not asking you to take a week off and go on some grand journey... even if its just for a day, its necessary! Leave the kiddos at home and get out of your local town. This may look like going to a beach you have never been to, or going for a hike up that creek that you always drive by, sometimes, its camping in the desert by yourself. Choose your own adventure, but go it alone.

Craftin' in the Meadow


I often here people say "I appreciate art but could NEVER be an artist myself". I say that is B.S.! We are ALL artists, maybe some of us are suppressed, or maybe some of us simply haven't found our medium yet... but the creativity is there for us if we are open to receive it. Ever tried finger painting? Basket weaving? Wood carving? Singing? Break dancing?  Macrame? Graphic Design? Blowing glass? Baking a cake? Gardening? Pottery? Stacking rocks? It could be ANYTHING!

I believe that art is an expression of the soul, and if you claim you aren't capable of being an artist, then your soul is being numbed. Guys... its 2019! Lets use the internet in ways that can benefit us! YouTube? Pinterest? Anyone?? There are millions of people out there giving tutorials on all sorts of projects. I'll bet there are even folks hosting workshops in your town if you prefer learning with real human interaction. Just do it already!!
When we create, we are tapped into the divine collective energy. What better way to CELEBRATE LIFE than to join forces with the universe and let it all flow through you?