Two key elements to living in a vortex of Love and Creativity are being INSPIRED + ALIGNED.

If you find yourself often feeling tired, Its not because you are doing too much but because youv’e done too little of whats sparks a light in you,

read that again.

You’ll never feel productive enough or successful enough if you are always tackling tasks, one after another, after another. Life isn’t about getting shit done so you can move on to the next task, its about enjoying yourself and loving all the little moments in between. Its about the journey, not the destination. You HAVE TO make time for the things you love in life, and once you are in alignment, complete your tasks with grace and ease. Remember, you are infinitely loved and the universe is conspiring with you, not against you. Let go, and get into the flow.

This is me before sending off my Quarterly Taxes…..


and throughout the whole process up until the time I hit “complete”, I felt at ease and grateful for this beautiful life of mine.

You can do it too,

take any mundane task, and seek the blessing within it, treat yourself to doing something you love then do the damn thing!!