Turquoise Kevlar Necklace ~ Dainty, Durable + Intentional Daily Jewels


Turquoise Kevlar Necklace ~ Dainty, Durable + Intentional Daily Jewels


Jewelry that can join you on your every adventure.

These necklaces are made up of 50% Kevlar (70 lb test) + 50% Silk,

Durable + Comfortable ~ perfect for everyday wears

Metaphysics ~ Turquoise has held its value as a powerful gemstone since before 5000 BC. The Egyptians, Persians, Chinese, Aztecs, and Native Americans all believed this stone was sacred and powerful. Turquoise embodies power, wisdom, luck, protection and truth. Prehistoric Native Americans used turquoise in ceremonies to symbolize "the god of the sky alive in the earth."

Turquoise clarifies the perception of beauty and encourages kindness, trust, and compassion. It lifts limitation and fear, allowing ourselves to open up to happiness and love. Turquoise inspires us to honor ourselves as instruments of the Divine.

**Most popular lengths range from 15" to 18" (optimum to layer with other accessories). If you are seeking a specific length, please leave me a “note” with your order, otherwise they will be strung on 18” Kevlar.

Please note that if an item has multiple in stock that there may be slight differences in the one you receive from the one in the photo due to natures talent of never creating an exact duplicate. Because you have gone out of your way to make it HERE, consciously shopping my "stone love", I WILL send you the most vibrant, beautiful, easy on the eyes stone, I promise. Also, I would be more than happy to send you a photo of the EXACT one I am shipping - before I send it out upon request. 

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